ORGANIZA ADVISORS - Consultora de Negocio / Business Consultancy

Mergers & Acquisitions Consultancy

Businessmen who decide to sell their business due to various reasons.

Spanish or foreign companies that wish to grow by acquiring another Company.

Entrepreneurial projects at an initial stage or with a great potential growth which need new partners and shareholders to join in.

Absolute confidentiality, with the most flexible approach, and the kind of relationship that is as customized and accessible as formal and professional.


  • FEASIBILITY ANALYSIS: regarding entrepreneurial projects, mergers and acquisitions.
  • BUSINESS VALUATION: using the 5-year Free Cash-Flow Discount as model methodology.
  • INTERIM MANAGEMENT: with transition situations originated by changes in the Company's organization and structure.
  • INVESTOR SEARCH: investments for new projects.
  • COMPANY BUYER SEARCH: taking part in every stage, from the moment we get the selling mandate, including the elaboration of a BLIND TEASER and the preparation of a SALE BROCHURE, until the selling agreement is formalized.
  • COMPANY SELLER SEARCH: participating in the whole process, from the moment we get the buying mandate, including the relevant DUE DILIGENCE, until the selling agreement is formalized.

We have rendered our services within the following industries: Construction, Audiovisual, Advertising, Telecommunications, Internet, Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Communications Consultancy, Renewable Energies, Distribution and Others.


  • AUDIOVISUAL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES COMPANY (Project by Organiza): Firm selling mandate.
  • CITYNET (Collaboration with another consultancy): Preparation of financial statements and relevant information, needed to obtain financing for buying another Company.
  • LLORENTE & CUENCA (Interim Management project): Creating the required Administration and Finance area to hold and support the Company's multinational operations structure.
  • GROUP OF ENTREPRENEURS (Proyect by Organiza): Designing of a model to determine the feasibility of buying and refurbishing outstanding buildings to turn them into Boutique Hotels with 20/40/60 rooms.
  • GROUP OF BUSINESSMEN (Project by Organiza): Partner search to create a Company to import solar panels from China as main line of business.
  • HOUSE LINEN TAILORING AND SELLING VENTURE (Project by Organiza): Determining the reasonability of opening an owned physical shop.
  • FAMILY COMPANY GROUP (Project by Organiza): Fair value calculation for fixed assets, preparation of the Company Split Project due to the partners' separation.
  • INTERNET AND WAP CONSULTANCY ENTERPRISE (Project by Organiza): Planning of needed human and material resources for business development to make a presentation to a potential investor.
  • GROUP OF INVESTORS (Project by Organiza): Analysing the feasibility and profitability of transforming a country house (pazo gallego) into an exclusive Boutique Hotel.