ORGANIZA ADVISORS - Consultora de Negocio / Business Consultancy

Management Consultancy

Our collaboration with you is focused on offering solutions that may allow a profit increase, redesigning structures and procedures, cutting costs, improving performance and increasing productivity.

With our assistance you may have more available information, in a reliable, accurate and convenient manner, also earlier, to allow making decisions in advance.

We give you support to let grow your dedication to your business' running, to your day-to-day operations and commercial transactions.

All the above to set equal competing conditions for your Company compared to big enterprises without a need for a structure growth, and its consequent cost rise.


  • PERFORM THE BUDGETARY AND FINANCIAL CONTROL OF INVESTMENTS AND DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS, establishing the work system and managing all relevant periodical reports.

  • ASSIST IN CONTRACTUAL AND FORMAL-LEGAL ASPECTS IN CONTRACTING PROCESSES, elaborating, reviewing and amending agreements in connection to service providers.

  • CREATE, REVIEW AND ADAPT BUSINESS PLANS, customized for each entrepreneurial Project.

  • DESIGN MANAGEMENT REPORTS' MODELS, creating a periodical reports structure, determining KPIs, the source and data acquisition procedure, deciding all relevant documents and needed channels for a proper information flow.

  • IMPLEMENT POLICIES AND PROCEDURES, updating those currently used or designing new measures or circuits.

  • REVIEW MANAGEMENT PROCESSES AND ADMINISTRATIVE CHANNELS, proposing and developing specific actions and measures for each identified axe of improvement, reducing costs variance and saving resources.

We have worked for industries such as diverse as: Retail, Tourism, Real Estate, Air Transport, Hospitality, Restaurant, Company Services, Health & Leisure, Advertising and Others.


  • FAIRMONT REY JUAN CARLOS I BARCELONA HOTEL (Collaboration with another consultancy): Budgetary & Financial Control Management of the Hotel Refurbishment Project (Dec14-Dec16).
  • TOURISTIC APARTMENTS OPERATOR (Project by Organiza): Review the reasonability and accuracy level of the information contained in the Company's financial statements. Profitability and business contribution analysis for each apartment.
  • AYSCOM (Project by Organiza): Review of eco-fin area, its business basic cycle's procedures, formulate axes of improvement and perform the development and implementation of proposed actions and measures. Feasibility and net Company contribution analysis for each Business Unit.
  • ÁVALO investment group (Project by Organiza): Development of a management software tool that allows budgetary control, aggregation and consolidation of financial information.
  • KA INTERNACIONAL (Collaboration with another consultancy): Review of Company procedures, detection of specific improvable aspects and proposal of rectification actions, within each consecutive stage of business basic cycles.
  • TOURISM AND LEISURE INDUSTRY ENTERPRISE: Report transformation to achieve an analytical accounting.
  • PHOTOGRAPHIC LABORATORY: Review both the business plan and financial projections for its introduction in the internet through a webpage and a platform.